How Yoga helps students to achieve memory power?

Human memories are limited. No one can memorize all the stuff for a long time. Students are supposed to appear in several exams, and also they have been pressured to score good marks throughout their academics. They really need good marks to get admission to quality universities. To achieve the best results, you should follow the below yoga postures for students to achieve the best memory power. 

Amazing yoga postures to achieve the best memory power: 

The most common problem faced by all students that they don’t concentrate on their studies while preparing for any exams. This problem arises when they are under mental stress, lack of sleeping, and tiredness sometimes. They need to focus on what they are supposed to do. In this case, Yoga helps a lot to get them back on track. It stimulates their memories for a long period of time. Following are some Yoga Asana’s which helps students to get more score in academics:-

  • Surya Namaskar: This is the easiest cum the most vital Yoga Asan out there. It is a composition of 12 postures. This Asan helps to improve the functions of different organs in our body; as a result body becomes energetic. It gives more strength and stability to your mind. You should do at least three rounds of Surya Namaskar special in the morning. 
  • Matsyasana: This is also known as Fish Pose yoga postures for students. In this Asana, you need to bent back down while sitting. It stimulates blood circulation to the head. This posture also relieves back pain and neck pain. It reduces mental stress. Students are advised to do it every day in the morning. While practicing these Asans, students will able to score high in their academics. This Asans makes students memorize their syllabus studies for a long period of time.
  • Kapalbhati: This is one of the techniques of Pranayam. This Yoga Asana helps to cleanse your body systems. Kapalbhati is the process of exhalation and passive inhalation. Do it 15 times every morning. It improves digestion. It also improves brain cells. If you are a student then you should practice it daily. 
  • Nadi-Shodhan: These yoga Asans negate your negative vibes and thoughts. It helps you to get emotionally stronger. These Asans are balancing the physical, emotional, and mental stress level at Par. Student needs to practice this Asana every morning or evening. This is very simple to do. Just put your thumb over one nostril, then exhale slowly, switch your finger over another nostril, and then inhale a long Breath. Students need to do this 20 times every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Bharamari: Students have to read a wide syllabus in a short span of time. These Asans helps to release the stress of students and improves their brain waves. As a result, it boosts their self-confidence and memory power. To do this, Asans students need to close their eyes and put their index finger to each ear, then Breath and exhale with the gentlest form. 
  • Padmasana: This is the easiest, and we’ll know yoga Asan among the masses. They need to sit straight with both their leg folded and right knee placed over the left thigh. Then inhale and exhale. It improves concentration.


By sum up all the above contents we can conclude that yoga postures for students reduces their mental stress, overthinking and all those mental issue problems gradually. Download some yoga videos from youtube and perform them every day to boost up your memory power.

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