Yoga Poses to enhance the immune system!

In our last blog, we discuss the multiple foods that help to improve your immune system. Today we will continue this and give you the suggestion for yoga poses to enhance immunity power. Yoga is helpful for well-being. It will relax your body and mind and enhance your body growth. To get such amazing benefits to try the below yoga poses for once!

Yoga poses for increasing the immune system!

1. Prasarita Padottanasana:

This is the amazing yoga pose that helps to loosen up your body and release all your tension. It improves your immunity power and gives you the power to heal with the bacteria. Therefore, to perform this pose, you have to stand in a comfortable position. Now interlace your fingers behind the back and straighten your arms. Now fold in on a forward position by lifting your arms up. However, Distribute the weight into your foot. Now take a deep breath and come back to the normal position. It is an effective pose for draining mild chest congestion.

 2. Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana:

This is another effective yoga pose that helps to remove all your tension and congestion. To make this pose first, you have to place your left hand at a comfortable height. Then twist your right hand through the back of your neck. Now take a deep breath and perform those inhaling and exhaling processes continuously. 

yoga poses to enhance immunity

3. Knee-Down Squat:

To perform this pose first, you have to bring your inner fete to touch on the ground and spread the knees. Now sit back your heels and raise the arms in the upward direction. However, After this, interlace your fingers and turn your palm in an upward direction. Hold this position and take 6 to 7 deep breaths and come back to the normal position. In addition, This yoga pose helps you to soften the neck, shoulders and belly. Along with this, it enhances blood circulation and makes your mind calm.

4. Balasana:

To perform this position, you have to lower down your hips and press back to the child pose. Now gently breathe and put your hands to the left. Breath and stretch both your right and left side torso one by one and hold this position and then keep taking deep breaths. It helps you to improve your immune system and relax your body.


Along with the above-discussed yoga poses to enhance immunity, you can try some other, including dolphin nose and all. Therefore, These are efficient for improving your immune system and make you feel strong.

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