Women, Periods And Workout- A Never-Ending Story

This is the question that is asked by a bunch of girls and women. There are so many women who are wondering about it, and that’s why today we decided to publish it on our blog. When women are in their period, they usually battle with so many health issues starting from fatigue, mood swings, cramping, and others. While you’re on menstruation and you are not feeling your best, then you feel tough to go for a workout or practice yoga poses for women in periods.

Whether you’re on your period or not, if your body is telling you to take a rest then, you better listen to them, Because if you don’t, then you can simply get exhausted. So get back to our topic is doing workout good during mensuration, or should I workout during menstruation? So, the answer is yes, you can do it, but you need to follow some precautions. To get deep into this topic, you have to read this article on yoga poses for women in periods till the end.

Reasons to work out on your period:

1. It helps to feel good: 

When you perform something like high-intensity exercise or yoga poses for women in periods, then your body releases endorphins. The best thing about this chemical is it makes you feel good. It makes your mental state solid even when you are in your period. Besides that, exercise also helps to get rid of prostaglandins. These hormones are made in your body during your periods and cause inflammation and pain. 

2. It reduces bloating:

Have you got some severe belly bloat during the period? If yes, then sweating can help to lower down this. When you are sweating, then your body gets rid of some water that is retaining and helps to banish bloat.  

3. For building muscles:

As per the research, your menstruation cycles make your body stressful. According to some people, periods affect athletic ability, which is a huge misconception. According to the studies, the mensuration period is the right time when you strengthen and tone your body. At this time, the testosterone of your body increase. This is the time when your body needs enough protein. You should choose the exercise that will increase your heart rate. 

4. Improve performance:

As per the clinical reports, the athletic performance of women getting improved during the period. It improves performance because, this time, the estrogen and progesterone level are low at this point.  

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Is this the time to take some rest?

When you are on your period, then you should give your body proper rest, but that doesn’t mean that you feel totally relaxed. Don’t push your body too much for a tough workout, but yes, you should do small workouts. Your body is doing tough work when you are on your menstruation. So, give yourself time and plenty of time to recover and take a rest. 

If you do a really tough workout on the last day, then the next day, your body might need a long walk. Instead of working out hard, take a long walk and listen to your body. You can also prefer yoga instead of a tough workout. Listen to your body, and you will feel really better during the period. 

You should focus on self-care and practice lots of things. Look for natural ways to supplement your energy levels. Yes, you might want to drink a cup of coffee, but t can make your cramps worse. But there are so many alternatives that you can take to feel good and energetic. Because of your periods, you don’t need to skip your workout because it can leave them feeling tired. So, now there is no need to spend your time under the blanket when you are on your period. Being a woman should never make you feel low and ashamed. Here we provide the yoga poses for women in periods and top tips that will help you to exercise during your period.

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Proven ways that every woman should adapt for a workout during the period

1. Get ready with pain relief: 

Almost 90% of women are suffering from pain during their periods. Therefore taking pain relief is the right way to wake up and become active. You can take paracetamol or other mild medication. After taking this medication within 30 minutes, you will feel better than before. The studies have shown that taking pain relief before doing exercise is helpful for regulating the temperature of the body. It will lengthen the amount of time of your workout and make you super active on your periods.

2. Pick the right dress: 

The second most reason for avoiding a workout on a period is fear of leakage and staining. This is up to you that which kind of protection you are using. But no matter what you choose, you should change it before going out to the gym. It makes you feel fresh and confident. If you are conscious more then you can try the dark color pants or a longer T-shirt. For extra peace of mind, you can wear some shorts over the paints.

3. Change your routine: 

When you are on your period, then your hormone affects your energy levels. So, for this, you have to maintain a well-crafted routine first. You may have some different abilities during the cycle. If you are a regular doing the high workout gyms, then you can switch to the slower activity. 

4. Be hydrated: 

This is the most important thing that you should work on. You should drink a lot of water first. Women need to drink a higher amount of water during periods. Drinking a liter of water is good for a day. It not only help you to be hydrated but also keeps your digestive system good. It will be better if you cut down the caffeine and alcohol.

5. Stretching: 

Yoga is always good for the body, but you can also start stretching to give flexibility to your muscle. Stretching can minimize your cramps and soothe down your body. Despite all of the above, if you really feel like you can’t face working out today, then don’t. The first three days of the period are really frustrating and painful. So, do what your body tells you to do.

6. Always keep the protection:

Exercise can increase the flow of blood. So, before going to the gym, one should take the proper precautions. Take the necessary kits that you need. You should pick the water bottle and protection while going out to your home in periods.

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 Things to Know About Exercising During Your Period

Here we list out the best benefits of doing exercise on periods. 

It helps with annoying period-related symptoms; working out could be the last thing that you want to do at your periods, but it definitely helps you. Working out during the periods can help to relieve the symptoms that can make your periods worse and annoying. The more regular you are for the workout, you will become more active. When a person sweats, the water level of the body can relieve uncomfortable belly bloat. By doing regular exercise can release mood-boosting endorphins.

1. It may be the best time to do HIIT

Do you want to know the best workout to do during your period? As per the experts, High-intensity interval training is the best option that you can pick. When your period starts, your estrogen and progesterone levels drop that can give accessibility to carbohydrate/glycogen easily. It allows you to push harder and make yourself ready to bang the floor.

2. It keeps you cool

By doing exercise during your periods, you can make yourself cool and active. It turns out your body temperature increase the chances of fatigue and allows your body to store more heat. At this time, most of the women get irritated and become moody. By doing this, you can get a mental piece. 

Most of the girls and young women have cramps when they are going through their periods. Cramps are irritating and make a person feel low and inactive.

Most of the time, women feel cramps in their abdomen (belly), pelvis (hip area), lower back, and upper legs. The pain usually hurts worst on the day before the period begins and on the first day of the period. If cramps are heavy, then you should do some stretching to relieve the pain.

High-intensity Exercise helps to reduce the pain that is caused by cramping. With the help of yoga and regular exercise, you can reduce your stress level and improve your flexibility. Besides all these things, this is also helpful for strengthening your muscles.

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 What is the yoga poses that you should try?

There are many yoga poses that give amazing benefits when you are on your periods. These yoga poses include Cobra, Cat, Cow, and Fish yoga poses. These are some ideal yoga poses for women that one can try. By doing these yoga poses, you can get smoother cramps on heavier menstrual days. These Stretches are best done when the body is warm. Each stretch should be held for 30 to 60 seconds. 

1. Cobra Pose:

To do this pose, first, you have to Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and feet together. After that, place your hands under your shoulders. Now use your hands to push your body and life up the head and shoulders. During this whole process, take Breathe deeply. You should hold this pose for 30 to 60 seconds or as long as you can feel comfortable. Now come back to your regular position. 

2. Cat/Cow Pose:

To o this yoga pose, Get on your hands and knees first. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders, and your knees are directly under your hips. Now Take a deep breath in, and lower your belly toward the ground, Now stretch your head and bottom, and this is it. You should breathe normally and when you are ready to change your position, then inhale deeply.

3. Fish pose:

To start with this pose first, Place a pillow on the floor. Place your back and head on the pillow. Now place your legs straight and arms comfortably at your sides, with your palms facing up. Stay in this pose, breathing gently, as long as you feel comfortable. If having the legs straight causes low back discomfort, please bend the knees with feet flat on the floor.

During the menstrual days, try moderate-intensity aerobic exercises like walking or light jogging. This type of physical activity can reduce bloating and the pain of cramping. Aerobic exercise helps your blood circulation and the release of “feel-good hormones. These can also work together to soothe headaches and improve mood.


 The best regular exercises to do on your period

1. Light walking or other light cardio

If you want to keep your cardiovascular health good, then you should try to walk for little hours every day. In this way, you can distract your mind from the cramps and also allow your lungs to work better. 

2. Low-volume strength training

At this time, you need the potential and strength. So, to get those, you can try low-volume strength training exercise and power exercise. Besides all these things, perform yoga. In this way, you can get rid of the pain. If you’re not experiencing any discomfort from your period, feel free to continue with your regular exercise routine. 

The bottom line

Regular exercise is beneficial for your body and your mind. There is no such scientific proof and reason you should skip out on your workouts during your period. I hope this article is helpful for all the ladies who are here. This article will definitely break some traditional stereotype ideas on yoga poses for women in periods. If you have some more ideas on this topic, then you can let us know by dropping a mail to us.

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