The combination of skin care product and your skin type

Everyone has a different skin type and different skin texture. Some owns oily skin, while some have dry. Therefore, to maintain or balance your skin according to your skin type, it is necessary to choose the best one. Different skincare product goes with the different skin type. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the different skin types and skincare products.

The top 5 categories of skin type:

Your body’s skin is divided into five categories named oily, dry, normal, sensitive, and combinational. Applying different skincare products on your skin may not be effective for the glowness of skin. Therefore it is necessary to apply the one that goes with your skin type. The type of your skin may changes over time because of multiple factors. It depends upon the elasticity of your skin and the oil that is produced from your skin. Sometimes it also depends upon the genetic issues and seasonal change, eating habits. Therefore it is necessary to check your skin types and skincare products whenever you visit the shop to purchase skincare products. 

List of skin products for different skin type

The combination of skin care product and your skin type
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Oily skin: People who have oily skin suffer from acne and other skin disorders. So, those people must choose the product that couldn’t clog the pores. When you choose the wrong products and apply them to your skin, your skin may dry and damage the surface. Therefore, to protect your skin, you should purchase a cleanser that has salicylic acid in it. Choose the light moisturizer that contains SPF20. You can also choose products that have hydroxyl acids.

The combination of skin care product and your skin type
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Dry skin: People who have dry skin feel uncomfortable most of the time. For those people, it is beneficial to choose the products that can keep their skin hydrated for a long time. If you are struggling with the same, then choose the cleansers that don’t contain any fragrance. You should choose skincare products that contain mineral oil, Jojoba oil, olive oil, or glycerine. 

Combination skin: This is the most difficult skin type that consumes more time to decide which kind of skincare product should go. People who have this type of skin should choose a cleanser that balances the texture of their skin. For those people, a liquid gel moisturizer could be the best one. Try to choose the skin products that keep you hydrated. Use sunscreen daily that has SPF protection. 

Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, then you have to more conscious about your skin. You should choose skincare products that won’t break out the texture and make your skin dry. Choose the cleanser that has ultra gentle hydrating features. It would be best if you choose the products that have low sulfates. Choose skincare products for sensitive skin with low fragrance.

Normal skin: If you have a normal skin type, you should regularly maintain and balance your skin. For this, you can choose the skin care products like a cleanser that should be chemical & fragrance-free. You should use moisturizers and exfoliators that contain SPF15 protection. Try to choose the products that have elastin, lipids, and collagen.


After sum up all the above things, we can conclude that purchasing a skincare product according to your skin type is beneficial for your skin’s nourishment and wellness. 

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