The Amazing facts about Acne

When it comes to Acne, then multiple people have multiple myths about Acne. Some people blame their hormones, whereas some blame their food. But today, we will provide you with the amazing facts about Acne that are true. 

What are the facts about Acne?

  1. People of all skin types and all ages may have Acne. This is the most common skin issue from which multiple people have suffered once in their lifetime. Teenagers and young adults mostly suffered from this. Well, it is not a serious issue or skin threat. Everyone can recover from this by following the daily healthy skincare routine.
  2. Acne occurs due to the excessive oil in your face. It begins from the skin’s oil glands that come from the skin layer known as a follicle. When the hair, oil, and cells are blocking the pore, then the oil can reach the surface of your skin. In this phase, the combination of oil and skin cells allows bacteria. These bacterias enter into the layer of your skin and grow in the follicles. It affects the skin areas and produces inflammation on your skin.
facts about Acne
  1. When the plugged follicle stays in the skin, it creates white bumps known as whiteheads. If it reaches the surface of your skin then, it turns into a blackhead. The blackheads are not produced because of the excessive dirt. It appears on your skin due to excessive oil. 
  2. Acne can increase on your face during puberty. Some people have hormonal issues. These hormones cause the oil gland to enlarge and make more oil. Acne occurs during the pregnancy or when you start or stop taking birth control pills.
facts about Acne
  1. According to a report, genes also play an important role in the creation of Acne. According to the research, stress doesn’t cause Acne, but yes, it can worsen the skin if you have acne issues.
  2. Certain drugs also cause Acne. Most of the women use different cosmetic products on their faces. These greasy cosmetics can alter the cells of follicles and produces a plug. So, if you have Acne, then try to use cosmetics that don’t contain oil. 
  3. Don’t rub and touch your pimples or the affected area. Squizzing, picking, and pinching the affected area can leave scars. Gently wash your face with the cleanser two times. Use natural remedies. 


By reading all the above contents, you will gain some amazing facts about Acne. Now you don’t need to listen to everyone because you know what you should do and don’t. 

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