Suffering from Alopecia- Knowing these 10 secrets will help you to grow new hair on scalp

Every woman wants long, silky, and wavy hair, and for that, they use every possible product. There are some guys who want to regrowth their hair and searched for the right hair growth tips for years but couldn’t find one. So, for them, in this article, we are discussing the right ways of hair growth that make your hair grow you always dreamed of. But before we dive into the topics, let’s check some basic facts about hair and how does it grow. So, everyone has different hair textures, properties, and types.

Unfortunately, not every hair care product suits your hair and gives positive results. So, that’s why here we give you some amazing right hair growth tips with home ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. Now without wasting time, let’s read the article. 

How does hair grow?

As per the report of the American Academy of Dermatology, a person is born with around 5 million hair follicles, and as time goes, a persona has almost 100,000 follicles on their scalp. When it comes to hair fall, then losing 50 to 100 hairs daily is common. The hair grows from the root at the bottom of your follicle under your skin. The blood circulation goes on the follicle and supplies oxygen and nutrients to the hair root that helps for hair growth. As your hair grows, it pushes through your skin and passes by an oil gland that helps to make your hair shiny and soft. Well, hair growth also depends upon genetic issues. So, there is no such magical remedy that instantly makes growth in your hair, but yes, there are remedies that help you to minimize hair fall and regrowth your hair slowly. 

right ways of hair growth

Natural remedies for hair growth that you can try at your home:

When you have long silky hair, then you can try multiple hairstyles and make different looks. Every woman is satisfied with long wavy hair, right? If you also want to make growth in your hair, then you should try some natural remedies instead of using the hair care products available in the market that is full of chemicals. Here we provide you with some proven ways that help to stimulate hair growth and enhance your look. 

1. Massage: 

Massaging the scalp helps you to regrowth the hair. This is the old traditional method that works guaranteed. Massaging your scalp can stimulate the scalp and improve the thickness of your hair. When you massage your scalp daily, then it can help you to relieve stress and tension and makes you happy. For massaging your hair, you can try coconut hair oil. The coconut oil contains the fatty acids that go inside your hair shaft and reduce the loss of protein from your hair. You can massage your hair after or before washing your hair as per your choice. Massaging coconut oil on your scalp and all over the hair maintain the color of your hair. This oil is considered as the hair promoter, and that’s why it is used for centuries. You can also massage your hair with almond oil.

2. Aloe vera: 

Aloe vera is also used to reduce hair loss and the right ways of hair growth techniques over the years. It helps to soothe the scalp and also conditions your hair. Aloe vera helps to reduce dandruff and unblock the hair follicles. It helps to extract the extra oil from your hair. Aloe vera contains vitamins A, B, B12, and C. You can apply this to your scalp before washing your hair. Otherwise, you can also use shampoo and oil that contains aloe vera. If your hair is dry, then it can be the best solution for you. 

3. Fish oil: 

Fish oil contains a high amount of omega fatty acids that help to improve your hair and make them grow from inside the follicles. The fish oil is filled with nutrients and proteins. If you also want to improve the density of your hair, then using fish oil could be a great option. Fish oil is suggested by the experts because it omega fatty acids that help the cells to work in the correct way and boost the immunity power. 

4. Onion juice: 

Onion juice is another best thing that you can help to regrowth your hair. Onion contains many magical nutrients and oxidants that help to re-growth your hair deep inside the follicles. It promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation from the body. If you lost most of your hair, then apply onion juice at least thrice a week. You can apply this by mixing it with your hair oil. For this, blend a few onions and then squeeze out the juice, then apply it and leave for an hour or half an hour, and then shampoo it normally. 

5. Rosemary oil: 

Rosemary is another essential oil that delivers positive results to most people. It helps to promote growth by stimulating the new hair. Take a few drops of rosemary oil and mix it with any of the hair oil that you used and then massage your hair from the root and then rinse with water after an hour. You can also leave this overnight. You can also add this to your shampoo and conditioner and apply this. Don’t use this oil directly on your scalp.

6. Lemon: 

Lemon juice also helps to enhance the growth of your hair and also gives dandruff-free hair. If you want to maintain a healthy scalp, then you can use lemon drops on your scalp. Before shampooing your hair, squeeze the lemon and apply the juice in the hair roots and then shampoo your hair. 

7. Rinse your hair with rice water: 

This is the traditional Chinese method to make your hair grow. Rice water is the best secret of Asia for hair growth over the years. According to them, instead of wasting this water, you can rinse your hair in it. The rice water contains amino acids and carbohydrates that give your hair volume and also protect them from damage. 

8. Neem & Amla mask: 

This is the traditional ayurvedic method that you can try for regrowth in your hair. Making a paste of neem and amla is easy, and it takes less time. You can apply this paste to your hair; otherwise, you can directly consume this. By applying this paste, you can make your hair shiny, voluminous, and healthy. It has all the antibacterial properties that promote hair growth. 

9. Apply egg mask: 

You can also apply an egg mask on your hair that makes your hair silky and shiny. It can increase the volume of your hair and boost your hair growth. Egg contains multiple vitamins like iron, pectin, sodium, which are necessary for hair growth. It can moisturize and nourish your hair and prevent them from damages making your hair strong and wavy. 

10. Try coffee as a conditioner: 

You can use coffee as a conditioner. Choose a conditioner that has coffee because it can detoxify your scalp. Along with that, it helps to promote blood circulation and make your hair smooth and shiny. No matter whether you are a boy or a girl, you can apply these tricks to regrow your hair.

right ways of hair growth

Things that you can change in your daily lifestyle for your hair growth:

1. Avoid restrictive dieting: 

To make growth in your hair grow by using the right ways of hair growth, you should look for a diet that helps you. You should list the best dieting foods that help hair grow. When you take bad foods, that can decrease the nutrients that are needed for your hair growth. When you are under stress, then it affects your overall health as well as the hair follicles. 

2. Check your protein intake: 

You should take enough food that contains healthy protein nutrients. Your hair indicates what you eat and what your lifestyle is. So, if you don’t take the nutrient foods, then your hair will not grow properly. Eating a well-balanced diet promotes hair growth. 

3. Try products that have caffeine: 

Everyone knows that caffeine has most of the nutrients that help to boost up energy. It promotes your hair growth by improving blood circulation. It helps to stimulate the new hair follicles at the cellular, molecular, and organ level in both men and women. If you also want to use products that contain caffeine, then you can check the best hair care products of luxury science. 

 4. Explore essential oils: 

To make growth in your hair with the right ways of hair growth, you can explore the different essential oils. You can get positive results by applying the essential oils. Choose the essential oil that smells good and also contains the best high-quality natural products. Some most trusted and proven hair oil that gives positive results are pumpkin seeds oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and all. By applying these hair oils, you can get a significant increase in the volume of your hair, follicle numbers, and thickness. 

5. Boost your nutrient: 

When you are trying to regrowth your hair, then you should take proper vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Taking necessary nutrients helps you in overall health and plays a key role that offering enough energy to your body and regrowth your hair. You should take proper vitamins that contain vitamin C, D, and E, zinc, biotin, iron, and omega-3 & omega-6. By taking necessary foods, you can clinically improve your health and as well as hair and nail health after biotin supplementation. You should take essential nutrients that support your hair growth, and that is why it is suggested to take vitamin A, vitamin E, biotin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, zinc, pumpkin seed, and zinc.

6. Do scalp massage: 

Massaging your hair also promotes relaxation and relieves stress. A scalp massage help to boost up the health of your hair. You should massage your hair for 15 minutes twice or thrice a week. By using this method, the blood vessels enter beneath your hair follicles. In this way, you can get thicker, stronger and minimize the breakage of hair. 

7. Look into platelet-rich plasma treatment: 

If you are not getting enough results from the above hair care tips, then you can try the plasma treatment. In this treatment, you can restore and accelerate the hair follicles. Platelets are proteins derived from one’s own bloodstream that helps for hair growth. 

8. Don’t use heat: 

Most of the girls used the heating treatment on their hair that damage their hair. Avoid electronic heat products on your hair. Don’t curl your hair consecutive days; otherwise, you can increase the hair breakage. Try to limit the use of electronic tools and, along with that while using, Decrease the temperature of heated styling tools to reduce hair damage. So, while choosing these tools, make sure that our high-quality brand and offers great convenience.

9. Go easy on coloring your hair: 

Don’t color your hair so often because it also causes hair breakage. When you dye your hair, then it changes the texture and color of your hair and makes this more thin and breakable. 

10. Shampoo in the right way: 

The dirt and sunlight can make your hair follicles dull and brittle. That is why most hair care experts suggest washing the hair with lukewarm water and the right ways of hair growth. Frequent shampooing your hair can make the roots of your hair weak and brittle. Choose the shampoo with less ph level, and don’t wash your hair with hot water. Along with that, don’t apply shampoo directly to your hair. First, make a solution of water and shampoo, and then use this water to wash your hair. Pick a sulfate-free shampoo for best results.


If you are also frustrated with baldness and want to get your hair back, then try all the above-discussed right ways of hair growth to make growth in your hair. All the discussed treatments are applicable for both men and women. Eat healthily and focus on nourishing your hair. If these methods don’t work for you, then visit your doctor and take proper medications. 

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