Mama Earth Baby Care Products Hidden Secrets Revealed!

 Most of the mothers in India are searching for the best products for their kids. For the longest time, I also searched for that, and in this period, I have gone through multiple products. Every mother wants to use products for their baby which are totally safe and secure for their health. If we talk about reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products, then there are almost thousands of brands that claim to provide the best care products.

But most of the products contain toxins and carcinogens in the baby products. These products can make the baby’s skin harsh, and that’s why mothers are scared to use this product on their child’s skin. Well, if you are a newborn baby’s mother, then this article will be going to become most beneficial for you. Here I will be going to give you my opinion on MamaEarth baby products that I used a few days ago. This is going to be a review on MamaEarth baby-care products. But before that, let’s check some basic things about MamaEarth. 

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

 About Mama Earth India: 

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

MamaEarth is the leading brand name that offers multiple skincare, hair care, and other products. By visiting to their site, you can check the wide collection of products for men, women, and babies. Actually, if we are talking about how this brand exists, then you have to go back to some years ago. So, this brand is actually established by the idea of a parent. It was established when Varun and Ghazal were expecting their first child. They were really excited for their first baby and prepared for him. They googled the products, and also visited multiple branded stores to purchase the safest product for their babies. But after doing much research, they didn’t find a single product that gives them peace. 

They found that almost every product available in the market makes the false claim that the product is safe for the child. But in reality, every product contains some toxic ingredients. So, they did all the possible research they could at that time. They were worried for their child and worried for every mother who uses these products on their babies without knowing the real fact. After doing much research, they create their own brand that is now popular in the globe as MamaEarth. The name of this brand was given MamaEarth because it is created with the idea of a mother by using only natural products.

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

This is the result of world-class research, and this is completely safe and certified toxin-free. Mama Earth and review on MamaEarth baby-care products claim to be a brand that develops products after considering mothers’ issues. All the products of MamaErath are toxin-free, baby-friendly, and also meet stringent international standards. 


Why this product claim to be safest for a child in India?

 The product claims that it is manufactured with expert formulators. According to them, they used the best products of earth to formulate the best product that suits every skin. After manufacturing the product, the product is send to the authority for the approval of Madesafe.Org. After that, the products are checked and used by the expert panels of MD Doctors & scientists. They check the ingredients and the formulation; they check the formulations. So, after going through the many processes, the products come to the market. Well, in the below section, I shared some reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products. 

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

When I used this product on my baby’s skin?

No doubt every mother loves their baby from anything else. They always want to give them something that is best for them. So, one day I heard about MamaEarth, the only baby product brand in India to be certified by MadeSafe. At first, I thought these are fake promises like others, but when I heard about MadeSafe through the reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products, then I decided to check this. MagSafe is an organization that supports toxin-free products.

So, now I found them I knew the right product that I was looking for for many years. When my lovely daughter was born, then I have decided to buy this product after going through the reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products to keep her skin hygienic and healthy. I spent days researching it before I bought it. After using many days, I am confident that I choose the right product. Well, all the products of MamaEarth are high quality and best for every skin. The prices of every product are also reasonable, and they offer free shipping too in the first purchase. They also offer amazing offers and rewards on occasions. Along with that, you will get a colorful bag to carry all these bottles around when you are traveling.

The top 6 products that I used on my baby:

  1. Baby lotion with natural nourishment
  2. Soothing Massage Oil for babies
  3. Diaper rash cream with natural nourishment
  4. Mamaearth deeply nourishing body wash for baby
  5. Mineral-based Sunscreen lotion
  6. Mamaearth gentle cleansing shampoo for babies

A brief discussion or review on every product:

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

1. Baby lotion with natural nourishment:

The bay lotion of mama earth is loaded with shea butter and jojoba oil. The lotion is manufactured by adding Vitamin E and Aloe vera. I just love this product because it’s the perfect fragrance. I don’t have words to share my opinion on this. This is a lightweight product that makes your baby’s skin smooth. After using it someday, I felt that it just went amazingly with my baby skin. This moisturizer absorbs into your skin; You don’t need to run this on your baby’s skin. After applying this lotion, I felt that my baby’s skin feels velvety soft.

Well, it is better for both summer and winter. Before using this o my baby’s skin, I did a patch test. I applied it to my baby’s skin for three hours, and then I realized that it was completely fine and toxin-free. So, the next day I applied this on my daughter’s skin, and today I share this with you after one month. Well, I applied this on my baby’s skin after the bath, and it also goes lasts longer!

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

2. Soothing Massage Oil for babies:

After moisturizer, I tried the massage oil on my daughter’s body before bathing. Well, I must say the aroma and fragrance of this product are Just Wow! It gives relaxation to your baby’s body and makes their skin supple. This brand manufactures massage oil by adding a natural blend of sesame oil, jojoba, pure almond, and olive oil. The best part of this oil is it doesn’t leave an odorless smell. It is a lightweight and colorless product. This is super easy to carry while traveling without any tension or leakage. If I tell the truth, I often used coconut and mustard oil on my baby’s skin because these are proven traditional way that makes the baby’s skin softer and bones stronger. But sometimes, I also use this one and it is completely safe. 

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

3. Diaper rash cream with natural nourishment:

The diaper rashes cream is another product that I purchased from MamaEarth for my daughter. Well, it also goes wonderfully and makes my daughter skin-free from rashes. The diaper rash cream is the most used product of MamaEarth because most of the babies are going through rashes because they wear diapers all the time. So, that’s why you should not use diapers on your baby, especially when they are at home at least. My daughter also has some rashes on her skin, and that’s why I decided to apply them on her skin. Before using this product, I generally change her diapers and then wipe the area with soft wet cloths but leave the skin dry. Then I decided to use this because it has a mixture of almond and olive oils.

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

4. Mamaearth deeply nourishing body wash for baby:

This body wash of MamaEarth contains products that are natural. It is completely toxin-free like other products of Mamaearth. The body wash contains coconut-based cleansers and produces good foams. To apply these products to your baby’s skin, you have to take the pea amount on your palm. Well, there is nothing mentioned that proves it is tear-free, but my daughter never cried when I apply this to your body. So, maybe it is tear-free, according to my sense. So, if you are also looking forward to using this, then share your reviews on comment. If we talk about the smell, then it is really nice. 

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

5. Mineral-based Sunscreen lotion:

MamaEarth offers complete protection to your child. It also offers sun protection lotions for babies. It takes care of your baby when they are outside too. Well, I don’t use this product on my daughter’s skin every day, but yes, I tried this a couple of times when I took her outside. Well, I must share that the product is completely non-sticky and irritate the skin. Actually, you may feel weird, or it sounds awkward, but yes, I use this product sometimes and realize that it doesn’t irritate my skin. So, I will glad to recommend the products to every woman who has a newborn child. The good part is that these products come in small carry bags. 

reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

6. Mamaearth gentle cleansing shampoo for babies:

Again, this one is a completely satisfying product as I applied this on my baby, and it works amazingly. It is a gentle and colorless product that you can easily carry while traveling. It comes with a tight container, so you don’t have to worry about leakage. The best part of this product is it gives a thick foam. It has the ingredients of coconut-based cleansers. If your baby is newly born and has completed one month, then you can apply this to him/her. A few drops are enough for the babies. If I talked about my daughter’s reaction, she never cried, so I may be this is tear-free. It also gives a nice fragrance. So, this is a great success for me and also for every mother who are going to use this product for the first time. 


reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

Pros of Mama Erath products:

  • It is Asia’s 1st safest brand.
  • Get the best quality products in an affordable price range.
  • They are designed for all- for newborn babies.
  • Free from toxins and any other harmful chemical.
  • This is clinically proven by Madesafe.Org.
  • It doesn’t create any allergic and goes well with any skin type.
  • Contains natural and safe ingredients.
  • Best packaging with lightweight and travel-friendly.

 Cons of Mama Erath products:

  • I used the above six products only, and each one was almost good, so I don’t give any negative comments here. But before checking any product, you can visit their site and check other reviews. 

Suggested Improvements according to my point of view:

  • Use non-plastic materials for packaging so that it could be more environmentally friendly.
  • Add some moisturizing cream for winter.
reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products

What are the other things that attract me as a mother of 2 months old baby:

The brand MamaEarth is the safest brand that provides clinically tested products. All the products of MamaEarth are clinically tested and certified. It delivers every product with utmost care without any leakage. They deliver products that are not just safe but also super efficacious. They use the best natural ingredients or plant-based or synthetic. The best thing about mama earth is here you can find products for your toddler, kids, adults, old age people according to gender. They have different sections for different age groups. You will surely fall in love with it after using it once.


Well, this brand achieves many positive comments and reviews from their customer because of the quality they provide to every customer. They care about your child, so you should also take care of them by posting your reviews on MamaEarth baby-care products. All the products are non-toxic and completely made with safe ingredients. All products are reliable and easy to buy. If you want to buy any of the products, then you can check their site. Here I posted my reviews on some products. If you also used these products or using this currently, then share your reviews here. Any of your comments will really motivate us to share some more reviews on different products. So, do let me know in the comment section what your reviews are.

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