How to strengthen your relationship in Covid19?

The covid 19 pandemic has changed many lives and taught us many things. There are many ups and downs that people are going through, and in this situation, it is hard to maintain your relationship. Building a relationship in lockdown is not easy. No matter whether you are living together or apart, small changes can make a significant difference.

This is a tough time, and you should support your partner in the best possible way. If your relationship is not going well, then this is the right time to make your relationship strong and healthy. Here in this article, we define the best ways to make your relationship strong in the lockdown period.

What makes a healthy relationship?

Before we share the tips first, you should understand what a healthy relationship looks like. There are many factors that make a relationship strong and healthy. Those factors are trust, Honesty, Independence, Respect, Equality, Kindness, Taking responsibility, Healthy conflict, and most importantly, fun. A healthy relationship in lockdown is something that brings happiness to your life. So, if you want to spend a blissful life with your partner, then follow the below discussed ways to make the relationship strong.

Why is a healthy relationship important?

Being in a healthy and romantic relationship is a central part of any relationship. When you are in a relationship, then it’s your responsibility to support your partner emotionally, mentally, and physically. A few good words can change their day and make them strong.

 A good relationship in lockdown always makes a good impact on your health and mental well-being. When you are in a positive relationship, then you can reduce your stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It makes your life longer and keeps you happy and joyful at this period. When you are living together, then you should understand your partner’s feelings. We don’t have much time to share our feeling with our partners. 

Nowadays, we all are busy in our professional lives. So, if in this lockdown you are living with your partner, then this is the best time to share your feelings with them. Lockdown brings the time where you can share your best days with your partner. If you are suffering from the burden of your relationship or stressed because your relationship in lockdown is going through a bad phase, then you should try to make this strong. Here we pick some of the cutest and proven ways that make your bond strong with your partner!

relationship in lockdown

Ways to make your bond strong with your partner in this lockdown!

There are plenty of ways to make your bond strong with your partner, but here we share some of them. Let’s check whether it works for you or not:

1. Do share your activities:

There are plenty of ways through which you can feel connected with your partner, Even if your partner is not present physically. Here are some ideas that you can try:

2. Play online games:

If your partner is not with you, then you can play some online activities together, like games. There are endless options to choose from, and in this way, you can spend some time with your partner digitally and improve your mood.

3. Cooking:

If you both are staying together under a roof, then you can help your partner while preparing food. Try new recipes and spend some quality time with your partner.

4. Watch a show together:

When it comes to sharing activities, then what would be best than watching a series or movies together. You can watch movies or web series with your partner at the weekends. There are many applications like Netflix that allows you to stream the same content at the same time but on 2 different devices with text and video chatting facility. 

5. Dedicate a song to each other:

If you are creative and love to sing, then you both can dedicate a song to each other or can write a few words for each other and send them through texts in the morning. At the same time if you both are staying together, then you can give them a note with bed tea.

6. Learn together:

You can also join some classes if you are interested to learn new things. In this way, you can learn new things as well as spend quality time together.

7. Dance together:

The couples who dance together with life together. Do the craziest things in this lockdown period to keep yourself happy. The pandemic brings a lot of seriousness among people. It brings tension and frustration. So, if you want to keep calm and stay happy, then spend your time with your family or with your partner. You should do your favorite task with your partner.

Dance can make your mood light and also helps to improve your mental health. So, if you want to lighten the mood and do some fun with your partner, then you can try this. Play light music and dance like you have never before done. This can change the entire vibe of your room and eliminate all the tension and stress from your mind. Dancing around the home could also bring positive vibes for relationships in lockdown and boost up your mind.

8. Go Deeper & make conversations:

Your quality of conversation defines the bond of your relationship. This is the most challenging time for everyone. So, talk with each other as much you can. Share your thoughts and ideas with each other on a personal or professional level. You can talk about your future strategies and plans and what you can do better in your lives. The pandemic has changed our perspectives, so share your thoughts and perspectives with your partner.

  • Ask your partner what he/she feels about you?
  • What are the things that you miss before lockdown?
  • About your plans in the future and things you want to do after lockdown?
  • What are the thoughts that are rolling through your mind?
  • Which are your priorities, and how to achieve those?
  • What are your relationship plans in the future?

So, reflect on the things and understand each other minds. Connect emotionally to each other and support your level best!

9.Laugh Together & cuddle:

Laughing can make your mood light. Laughing aloud is a fundamental right. It can help you to forget your worries for almost a few seconds. It will strengthen and nourish your health and mind. If you want to make your soul happy, then you should watch comedy movies and series together. If you are suffering from anxiety, then you should laugh hard. So, choose a series and watch together on the bed and cuddle together. Cuddling is another great factor that changes your mood. Cuddling before sleeping in the morning can change your mood. Hold each other tightly and share the best moments together. 

10. Exercise Together:

If you both are going to the gym before lockdown and a gym-Holic person, then you can do it together at home. Exercise and do yoga together. According to the relationship experts, the couples who exercise together have better chances to make changes in their bodies. It keeps you satisfied and gives a romantic feeling. You can make changes in your relationship as well as in your body.

In this way, you can come closer to each other and get attention from your partner. It enhances the charm and attraction between both of you. As a result, it can increase or stimulate your heartbeat and help you to stay active all day long. When you fall in love for the first time, then you want to share every small stuff with your partner. So, love each other and wipe each other sweat, and do romance. 


11. Take care of each other:

This is the tough time where everyone is getting ill due to the covid. So, first, you should take care of each other. Make a routine and follow them. You should share your activities together. Try to be in good health condition and carve out individual space.

12. Are you working together:

Are you working together from work from home? If yes, then you should make a place for different ones. Keep your privacy because privacy matters a lot. So, keep your space and set up your table in different rooms. If you are working in the same field, then you can work in the same room and help each other to help the professional level. So, therefore respect each other’s time and space. 

13. Spend time together in the evening:

You should spend time with your partner after your working hours. Don’t interrupt each other while working. Balance your personal and professional life and do your best in both fields. You can sit on your balcony and sip coffee and share your love with each other. You can also play puzzle games and play video games. 

14. Don’t think about others:

You should not think about what other people think about you. Don’t assume unnecessary things that make you sad and depressed. Talk to each other about your feelings and what worries you. You can’t read someone’s mind, but yes, you can help them and support them. So, be with your partner in their ups and downs. Understand each other feelings and plan for your future!

15. Do household chores together:

Make plans together and do household chores together. Don’t depend upon your partner. Help her because in this way you can impress your partner and smoothen your relationship. So, divide your responsibilities and complete this. You should make plans in the morning and execute them so that you can control and balance your time. 

16. Plan a date night:

In this lockdown, you can’t go outside for a date. So, if your birthday or anniversary is near then, you can plan to celebrate this at your home. You can also plan a casual date dinner together. In this way, you can enhance your charm and love for each other. Love doesn’t have any barrier. No matter what your age is and what you look like, you can maintain the charm in your relationship by planning new things. Cook a special dinner together, set the table, and get dressed up to celebrate your weekend!

17. Practice saying thank you:

You should thank your partner if he/she does anything for you. Try to share your gratitude and praise each other. A small thanks to your partner can make their day. It says how much you love each other. Stay connected as much as you can and keep building memories. You can also remember your old days when you first met with each other or about your first dinner date. You can check your compatible test by asking questions to each other. 


 Life is not going perfect for all time; it has many ups and downs. Therefore sticking with a relationship is a great task. No matter what the condition is, you should stick to your partner. The pandemic will end soon, so this is the time when you both are together and make the best strategies to strengthen your relationship in lockdown.

Try to stay focused on the good things that are happening. The relationship may seem fun in the initial stage, but as time passes, it becomes complicated. After some years, you may think that the charm of your relationship had been lost.

So, if you are feeling the same, then you should implement the ways that make your life easier. If you want to get back to your old days, then follow the above ways to make your relationship strong. Make your relationship in lockdown more exciting and adventurous. Put extra effort and keep calm. Keep your relationship healthy and wealthy!

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