Top 10 places of Morocco where you should visit

Morocco has been one of the most popular countries for tourism, where people visit to experience Morocco’s culture and history. If you are also planning for a vacation, it will be better to choose a luxury Morocco Tour. But before choosing Morocco, make sure that you have an idea of where to visit or not. Here you can learn about the best places in Morocco, which is an all-time favorite for tourists. 

Why choose Morocco?

Morocco is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing tourist places where most people visit to enjoy their holidays. Therefore, if you desire to visit Morocco, you can connect with some luxury morocco tour operators who help you fulfill your dreams. They provide different packages for different people. However, there are many places in Morocco where you should visit and experience history.

Must-visit places in Morocco

 1. Marrakesh Madina

 It is a major tourist attraction point where people from all over the world come to visit. The reason behind its popularity is the bustling and vibrant buzz. Here you can experience the noisy local life in Morocco because there are many stall vendors in that area. 

 2. Marrakech
Koutoubia mosque, Marrakech, Morocco

 It is the most popular visiting place in Morocco. Without visiting once here, you can’t experience the beauty of Marrakech. In addition, it is a historic old Town city where you will experience the smells of spices, colorful atmosphere, authentic food, and a lot more. 

 3. Toubkal national park and Jebel Toubkal

 It’s a stunningly beautiful park where you can experience the beautiful view of Morocco. This is only 70km from Marrakech. It is a beautiful place to visit with your families to spend some quality time.

 4. Sahara desert

 It will be a loss if you are in Morocco and you don’t visit the Sahara desert. At the same time, here you can watch the fantastic view of the sunset. The sky is full of bright stars at night, and it will be an unforgettable night for you. So, people visit here to experience the incredible views. 

5. High atlas

It is the highest mountain in North Africa, so it is the best place for trekkers. The place is popular as the mountain of mountains and the best time to visit here in the spring or autumn. It is so beautiful, which will take your heart away. Here you can experience the spectacular views. 

 6. Essaouira

 It is one of the top attractive places for tourists because of its lifestyle. The game of thrones Season 3 was shoot here and therefore a large amount of visitors visit here you can experience ramparts, horse riding, windsurfing, and kite surfing. You can also attend the Gnaoua world music festival for a better experience. 

7. Essaouira

 It is the most favorite and famous beach destination in Morocco. Moreover, it is a popular destination point for travelers. If you are interested in the seaside adventure, this one will be the best place. 

 8. Chefchaounen

 It is known as the blue town in Morocco. It is the prettiest place for people who love color. The reason behind the popularity of Chefchaounen  is its fantastic architecture. Overall, here you feel that you are in a dream world. 

 9. Casablanca

 Here you can visit the king’s palace and experience architecture. It is the most visiting place in Morocco. Therefore, people visit here to enjoy the nightlife scenes. 

10. Asilah

 Asilah is popular among the visitors as a hot summer spot. In addition, here you can experience the sandy beaches and the walls covered with murals. It will be the best place for couples who are newly married. If you are visiting here in August, then don’t forget to attend the vibrant heart festival. 


Other than this, there are many places in Morocco, which is a must-visit destination spot. If you are going to planning a vacation with your friend, then choose this one. 

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