Healthy Food Tips to Follow During the Time of COVID-19

Corona is spreading all over the nation. This is the most critical time in which we are going through. So, if you want to be safe in this period, then you should eat healthy foods and do exercise. Well, there are no particular foods that can control the spread of corona. But you can try at least by drinking and eating healthy foods. By eating healthy food habits in corona, you can increase your immunity and your body’s ability. In this way, you can prevent or fight and recover from the disease.

There are more chances of dealing with corona if you are already suffering from including obesity, illnesses, diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, and some types of cancer. No matter whether you are an adult, child or an old age people you should have a healthy and balanced diet for growth and development in your body. In this way, you can increase your life expectancy. So, here in this article, we are going through the healthy food habits in the corona that are guided by WHO during this unprecedented time.

Be healthy at this corona pandemic:

As you already know that multiple countries are taking stronger actions to deal with and control the spread of COVID-19. The government is trying to improve the condition by encouraging people to self-quarantine. Now, most of the industries and businesses are closed due to this. So, it is requested by the government to stay at your home. So, if you want to recover from this, then you have to maintain a healthy diet. Good nutrition is the only key to recovering from any virus. In this way, you can balance your immune system by maintaining healthy food habits in corona. Avoid highly processed foods that have high fats, salt, and sugar. Along with that, you should be active physically. Here in the below section, we are providing you with some of the tips that help you. 

Healthy eating tips at the time of the corona pandemic:

healthy food habits in corona

Make Your Plate Colorful with different Fruits and Vegetables: 

  • Fruits and vegetables are foods that contain a whole amount of protein, nutrients, zinc, fiber, and other vitamins. It is necessary to make healthy fruits and vegetables in your meal. You can add whole grain foods to your diet. Along with this, you can add maize, unprocessed oats, millets, wheat, and brown rice to your breakfast and lunch. By eating and maintaining the healthy food habits in corona, you can stay fuller for a longer time. These are the foods that make you feel loaded with fiber that helps indigestion. 
  • According to the doctors, you should add whole grains foods like wheat, rice, and maize. Add legumes like beans and lentils and take one fresh fruit at least a day. It will be more beneficial if you take with dairy products like milk, seasonal vegetables, cheese, and eggs, meat, fish, etc.
  • While making foods, you should add black pepper, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cloves to your diet because they have anti-viral properties and anti-inflammatory properties. For snacks, you can choose raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and unsalted nuts. 
healthy food habits in corona

2. Include a Moderate Amount of Oils in your meal:

  • It is tough to make Indian food without oil. Almost every Indian food is prepared with a lot of ghee and butter. Trying to control the intake of oily food is good. But you shouldn’t completely deny eating that. So, try to take the healthier oils like cold-pressed mustard oil, extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, cold-pressed coconut oil. Try to avoid refined oil as much as possible for adopting healthy food habits in corona.
  • Along with this, you should also wipe your red meats with the white ones. Red meat has more amount of oil and fat as compared to white ones. You should also cut down your consumption of frozen meats. 
  • Always add fresh whole milk in place of pasteurized ones. Avoid processed foods that produce trans-fat. In place of frying the veggies, you can normally sauté them and boil them!
healthy food habits in corona

3. Reduce the Intake of Salt

  • According to the doctors, if you are suffering from high pressure, then you should lower down the daily intake of salt. Take 5 gm of salt per day. When you prepare foods, then you should use salt cautiously. Along with that, try to minimizing putting sauces like barbeque sauce, soy sauce, etc., because it contains salt.
  • Doctors also suggest avoiding canned products. If you are using these products, then you should only choose the varieties of fruits, dried food, vegetables, nuts, etc. In place of salt, you can take black pepper and dried herbs to enhance the flavor of your food. While buying food items, choose one that has lower sodium content. 
healthy food habits in corona

4. Stay Hydrated by increasing your water intake.

  • Staying hydrated is essential to maintain optimal health. Drinking water is the most necessary thing that you should do. Try to drink only the contaminated water. Try to drink the water rather than drinking the canned beverages. Canned beverages have a lot amount of calories and unnecessary sugar. You can also add juice to your daily diet to feel hydrated.
healthy food habits in corona

5. Limit Sugar Intake

  • Try to limit your daily sugar intake. If you are suffering from high blood sugar then, you should eat sugarless food. Not only for the covid, but you should follow this die for every time. Try to avoid Canned juices, liquid and powder concentrate, sugary drinks, energy and sports drinks, flavored milk, ready-to-drink coffee, flavored water, and tea that contains sugar.
  • Try to replace the sugary cookies, pastries, and cakes with fresh fruits or sugarless cookies. If you love dessert, then consume a small portion of other desserts like jaggery and brown sugar made sweets. 
healthy food habits in corona

6. Have Timely Meals

Following a timely daily meal is always necessary. You have heard about this to follow the daily routine and maintain it from your grandparents. Because of our hectic lifestyle, we are not able to take timely meals. But it could affect our health. Eating right at the right time is equally important as drinking water to live. Try to take your dinner lightly and 4 hours before going to your bed. It helps with digestion and also gives you good sleep. 

healthy food habits in corona

7. Avoid Alcohol or Alcohol Consumption

A healthy diet is necessary to recover from any disease. It does not protect against Coronavirus only, but it can maintain your health for a long time. If you are an alcoholic person, then you should be more conscious about this. Alcohol consumption can impose long-term health risks. It can higher the chances of suffering from cancer, mental illness, liver damage, and heart disease. 

healthy food habits in corona

8. Breastfeed Babies

If you are breastfeeding your baby at this time, then you should be more conscious about your health. You can’t put your baby’s life at risk. As per the guidelines of WHO, breast milk is considered a superfood. It has antibodies properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Breastfeeding gives your baby the power to fight viruses. It helps to boost immunity among babies. There is no need to worry about breastfeeding. You can give your baby the nutrients that they need for up to six months.

Because of the corona pandemic, there are many myths that are circulating on the internet. But as per the guidelines of WHO, the COVID-19 positive women can also breastfeed if they wish to do so. So, for that, they should have followed the infection control and prevention measures. But still, you’re your confirmation and the safety of your child; you should consult your doctor.

healthy food habits in corona

9. Make stratagies: 

While making foods, you should be strategic about what ingredients you should use. Always make your priority list and add fresh products to them. Avoid as much as you can the Frozen fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat leftover foods. Prepare a meal in your home. While eating, be aware of the portions. Don’t at too much and drink enough amount of water. 

10. Limit the fat intake:

Like sugar and salt, you should balance your daily intake of fat. Try to add foods to your list that have fewer calories. If needed, use small amounts of unsaturated oils. Consume enough amount of fiber at this time. Enjoy your meals with your family. 

healthy food habits in corona

What are the guidelines provided by the WHO at this time?

According to the WHO, there are no such cases came where the Coronavirus spread through food contact. As per the cases till now, that is confirmed that the virus is spread from person to person by touching an infected surface and touching your body parts. But still, for the safety measure, you should follow some points as described below to deal with this corona outbreak. 

  • To live a corona-free life, you should be more conscious while making foods. You should keep your food and cooking surface clean. Clean the kitchen slaps, food trays, kitchen taps, dishes, etc., every day for your personal hygiene.
  • Cook your food well so that it can kill all the bacterias and make the food healthy to consume. Always separate the cooked foods from the raw foods. Before keeping your raw foods in the fridge, wash them properly and keep them in the heat for some time. 
The essential diet for men in summers!
  • Keep your food at the right temperature and use clean water. You can boil water to make it contaminant-free. Clean all your vegetables and fruits with salt, baking soda, or vinegar, along with trying to sanitize the canned foods and wear a mask while preparing foods. Make sure that you have washed your hand with SOAPS. Don’t put a sanitizer on your hand while making foods. 

This is the time when we all have to come with a platform and unite to deal with this pandemic with full confidence. It is really necessary to keep a record of your foods and what we eat and from where. No doubt, food plays an important role in ensuring our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

healthy food habits in corona


By reading all the above contents and keeping them in a nutshell, we can understand that a healthy diet is the most important thing at this time. To get sage from covid, we should eat and follow the basic routine of taking meals. Taking a simple and organic meal can increase metabolism, immunity and keep you away from the illness.

In this time of coronavirus pandemic, you should eat the foods prepared at home. Before making, serving, and having foods wash your hands. Also, sanitize your groceries and wash your fruits and vegetables gently before keeping them in the fridge. It is important to keep meals simple and to teach children about proper food safety, maintaining healthy food habits in corona.

In this way, you can teach them how to prepare the best foods that you can eat during this lockdown and gain enough amount of nutrients. For any other information, you can consult with a dietician and hire for a consultation!

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