Healthy drinks that supports your immune system at this pandemic

The world is starving for learning the ways that can boost their immune power and improve metabolism. The novel coronavirus already spread all over the nation, and people lost their lives. This is the toughest stage that we all are going through. So, are there any healthy drinks that can prevent us from covid 19? Well, this is the most frequently searched question right now on the internet. The whole world is searching for foods and drinks that can increase their metabolism and improve the immune system. So, after considering the current situation today, we are going to talk about healthy drinks to save from corona. So, don’t leave this article in the middle!

Why is the world searching for healthy drinks to save from corona?

The novel coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe. People are dying due to viruses every day, and India is going through the worst condition right now. So, at this, what we all need is maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. The doctors suggest covering your mouth while sneezing and coughing. Along with that, to save from this pandemic, you have to wash your hands with soap frequently. The WHO and the doctors regularly suggesting precautions to save from this virus. But what can you do to save from this? According to the research, this virus is affecting only those people who have lower immune power. So, if you feel week, stressed out, and have lower immune and metabolic system, then this is the high time when you should take care of your health. 

The Covid-19 is a disease caused by the novel coronavirus and has some common symptoms like cold and flu. When you have strong immunity power, then you can battle these viruses and flu and get recover instantly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also advised people to drink kadha and hot water at regular intervals to build immunity. But is it enough? Can you take some healthy drinks to save from corona that can boost up your immunity?

Well, the answer is definitely yes; you can take some more health drinks that give you high-quality nutrients and balance your metabolism. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the healthy drinks to save from corona. You can prepare these drinks at your home easily if you have a basket of fruits and vegetables. Your body is always starving for a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to keep active and strong. By making the below health drinks to save from corona, you can increase your life expectancy. 

Why should you drink these healthy drinks?

The ongoing pandemic has already changed our lives most. It changes our drinking and eating habits. Now people have become more conscious about their health. They add more fruits and vegetables to their diets. You should also consume this on your day to day basis. Almost every kitchen has these things that boost up your immunity. Well, by drinking these, you can’t completely recover from the covid, but yes, you can get some relief. There are many fruits and vegetables that you can use to prepare healthy drinks to save from corona, and they contain multiple benefits. 

The list of health drinks to save from coronavirus:

  • Orange, grapefruit & citrus juices: The orange grapes and other citrus juice have the explosion of citrus. These fruits contain more than enough of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the most important source for recovering from the covid virus. If you want to save from the coronavirus, then you have to increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C has antibacterials and anti-inflammatory properties that protect your cells. It can save your body from damage and gives you the power to deal with the virus. This juice also helps to protect your cells and can give you relief from wound healing. It improves your immune power to deal properly fight infections. You can prepare this healthy drinks to save from corona easily at your home by adding a small number of sugars. It has some additional benefits as described in the below sections.

Benefits of drinking Citrus juice:

By drinking this juice, you can gain many nutrients. Orange contains potassium. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin B6. The orange also contains B9 and folate zinc. The orange also contains zinc and folate that gives you the power to deal with any cases of flu and virus.

  • Green apple, carrot, and orange: The combination of Green apple, carrot, and orange also gives you a soothing experience. It gives you a tangy and juicy taste. It helps your body to protect and fight off infections. If we talk about the nutrients, then it also contains vitamin C. These fruits contain vitamin A which is also helpful to boost up immunity. The carrots also contain some amount of antioxidants that are known as beta carotene. They also contain vitamin B6, which plays an important role in purifying your body and makes you strong and boost your metabolism.

Benefits of drinking Citrus juice:

By drinking the combination of green apple, orange, and carrot juice, you can achieve all the nutrients that your body needs. The carrot contains potassium, vitamin B6, A, and vitamin B9. It also has some amount of vitamin C that makes your body powerful to deal with any flu.

  • Beet, carrot, ginger, and apple: This is another summer health drink to save from corona. It has many features because of its properties. It helps to increase your immune system and decrease inflammatory symptoms. If you have inflammation in your body, then it is the right way to deal with this. It kills all the infections from your body that are produced by viruses or bacteria. If you have symptoms like cold and flu with running nose and body aches, then this is the right time to prepare this drink. People who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis may also take this drink by adding the ginger dro[p in it that has anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of drinking Beet, carrot, ginger, and apple juice:

When you drink this juice, then you receive a high amount of potassium from beet, carrot, and apple. The carrot and beet contain vitamin A and B6. Whereas the apply contains C. It also has some amount of zinc and folate that makes your body powerful and strong. 

  • Tomato juice: Tomato is another healthy juice that gives you a fresh feeling. To add this drink to your diet, you don’t have to add any additional ingredients. This is a fresh juice that gives you a fresh look and a fresh feeling. Tomato is the best thing that has vitamin B-9 in it. It is also known as folate and gives you the power to deal with infections. It helps lower down your risk of infections. The Tomato also provides modest amounts of anti-inflammatory properties and magnesium. This is the easiest drink that you can make at your home.

Benefits of drinking tomato juice:

When you drink tomato juice, then you receive a higher amount of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A. Tomato contains a high amount of vitamin B6 and B9. Tomato also contains vitamin C and vitamin K that makes your body strong and improves immunity power. 

  • Kale & tomato juice: Kale is a green juice; by adding tomato to it, you can give this juice a new look. You can present this juice in the most representative way. Kale contains vitamin A and other anti-inflammatory and anti-body properties. Blend your drink that will awake your sense and gives you enough amount of your daily intake nutrients. 

Benefits of drinking kale & tomato juice:

By adding this drink into your meal, you can give your body the nutrients like magnesium, manganese, potassium, vitamin A, B6, B9, and C, K. Vitamin C is mostly known for the immunity booster, and it makes your body stress free by making your body active.

  • Strawberry and kiwi: Strawberry and kiwi is the healthy option that you can include in your drink. These are packed with the source of vitamin C. To make the juice, you need a huge amount of strawberries. By blending these fruits, you can make a smoother and healthier juice. It tastes well and also gives you a refreshing feeling. It makes your body active. You can also add milk to it. It has a pure source of vitamin D and protein. Many people have a deficiency of vitamin D, and for them, it works like magic! By adding this drink, you can receive all the power that you can through sunlight. This is a healthy supplement that reduces the risk of respiratory infections like pneumonia or the flu.

Benefits of drinking Strawberry and kiwi juice:

This drink is suggested by most doctors because it has many properties. It has enough amount of calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. It also contains vitamins B1, B6, B9, and B12. By adding kiwi to it, you will achieve the sources of vitamin K and D with enough amount. 

  • Watermelon mint juice: Watermelon mint juice is another healthy summer juice that saves you from a corona. If you found any symptoms of corona like flu, and cough, cold, then this is the right way to deal with it. Watermelon contains enough amount of water that makes your body hydrated. It also has a source of vitamin C and can help relieve muscle soreness. Muscle soreness is common in older adults, and by consuming this, they can make some good changes in their bodies.

Benefits of drinking Watermelon mint juice:

By drinking this healthy drinks to save from corona, you can gain nutrition like magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. It makes your body stronger and healthier. Along with that, it also gives you the power to improve your immune system. 

    8. Pumpkin seed: Pumpkin juice is another healthy juice that improves your immune health and also improves the menopause system. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc, and zinc has many antibacterial properties. This is effective for both the immune system and inflammation. Along with this, the drink is beneficial for urinary health, prostate health, and mental health. It also gives you shiny skin and long hair. 

Benefits of drinking pumpkin seeds juice:

The pumpkin seeds are beneficial for people because it has magnesium, manganese, potassium, and zinc. Along with that, it has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 


By reading the above content on healthy drinks to save from corona, you can conclude that there are many alternatives of kadha that you can use in your diet. By preparing these health drinks, you can serve the whole family and also make them disease-free. If you have any doubt, then you can also consult with the doctors. By drinking these instant healthy juices, you can boost up your immune power and get a healthy life! So, check the proper recipe for these juices and try today!

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