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Hey folks! Welcome to our new review article, and as per the article title, you have clearly understood that what we bring today. Today we are going to talk about Dot and key skincare products, which is one of the newest but most popular branded skincare products. The Dot & Key products focus on every part of your body, and that’s why they have a huge collection of body care and skincare products. They have skincare products that can deal with pigmentation and acne. The brand offers different types of products at an affordable amount. Anyone can visit their site and purchase their products easily. But wait! Before purchasing anything, you should have knowledge about the products and brands!

So, here we talk about some of the products that I personally used in the last few days, and here I share my reviews with you all. So, let’s start the article by defining what this brand means.

About the Brand dot & key:

The Brand dot & key is the newly developed brand that gains amazing demand among the people from the last year. The brand is gaining immense popularity among the natives because of its high-quality products. The brand provides a variety of products that refresh your beauty and enhance your skin tone. They deal with different skincare and body care products that are developed with the utmost care. All the products provided by this brand are clinically proven and 100% safe. So, after going through their website, I noticed they have some unique products which claim better results. So, that’s why I decided to use some of their products.

The products which I try from Dot & key brand:

Dot & Key products

1. Dot & key hydro peel & exfoliating serum:

This hydro peel mask is manufactured by adding natural fruit acids, including grapes, pineapple, apple, and tomato. These fruits have unique properties that can exfoliate your skin and refine your skin in a unique way. It has the renewing properties that eliminate the dead skin cells from your face and eliminate all the blemishes and spots on your skin. It makes your skin shine and bright. So, I used this product for at least ten days, and then I decided to give a review on this. As per the product details, it contains glycolic acid and 2% of BHA salicylic acid.

The serum is a mostly purchased product of this brand because it gives smooth and softer visible skin. A lot of people use this product and give their suggestions on their reviews. You can also check those. Well, different people have different reviews, but here, I only share my point of view as a user. As per my knowledge, The BHA is known for unclogging the pores. It goes deeper into your skin and improves the dry patches from your skin. The products also contain the borage flower extracts that make your skin safe from environmental damages. After using this, I feel that this is the right chemical peel for all those girls who want spotless glowing bright skin. To use this product, you have to apply it to your face ad keep it for 15 minutes.

After that, wash your face. Don’t keep it for a long time because it has acids that can make dry your skin. For better results, you have to use this twice a week. You can also use this product with your sunscreen protection. Well, if we talk about its pricing, then it is 1095 Rs for 30ml of products. So, as per my reaction, it is a little expensive but the result is worth the price. If I talk my honest review, then after I use this product, I feel little sensation on my skin, but it wouldn’t hurt you, and it is common when you use any chemical exfoliant. It smells citrusy and goes well with sensitive skin. It has a lightweight texture, and I really love this Indian brand. So, from my side, a great yes for this product!

2. Dot & key pollution & acne defense clay mask:

If we talk about the ingredients of the products, then it contains neem oil and tamanu oil that exfoliate your skin and reach into the deep down of your skin to give it a natural shine. As per their claim, it can control the production of acne and also damage pollution. It keeps your skin away from blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. Along with that, it can also slow down the aging process. Now, if I talk about my review, then if you have active acne on your skin, then it could be a great success for you. It contains different herbal oils that cool your skin from the inside and purify it. This product gives you bright summer radiant skin.

It also smells good and doesn’t cause any irritation on your skin. To apply this mask, you have to apply this for 10 minutes and then wash it. It leaves a sweet fragrance on your skin and gives a cooling effect. You can apply this twice a week. 

Dot & Key products

3. Dot & key foot cream:

After using these two skincare products, I have decided to try the moisturizer or deodorizer of foot cream. I have cracked heels, so I use this product after seeing the positive reviews of the users. The Dot & key brand knows that everybody part needs the same treatment, so they have manufactured this moisturizer foot cream that moisturizes your feet. Your foot has gone through many harsh surfaces, so they also need some pampering. If you have a sweaty foot, then you can also try this. The best part about this product is it doesn’t add any chemicals and is 100% safe. The price is 395 only for the 50ml.

So, as per my review, it keeps your feet hydrated and nourishes your dry skin. It recovers your cracked heels and has antiperspirant properties. It has added camphor and mint that leaves an amazing light smell. Along with that, it has fragranced lavender and peppermint oil that leave a cooling effect.

4. Dot & Key hand cream: sanitizer + moisturizer:

after using sanitizer, our hands feel dry so, to recover from this, you can try this new option of Dot & Key hand cream: sanitizer + moisturizer. This is a great invention by the Dot & key brand that I am personally in love with this. It has both effects, including sanitizer and moisturizer. The product doesn’t contain any amount of Alcohol and gives you a 99.99% of the germs-free solution. Now you don’t have to keep the moisturizer and sanitizer in your purse. Just buy this one which works for both.

It smells super amazing and gives you a smooth, soft hand. The best thing is it comes only for 395 rs for the 50ml products. There are a few benefits to these products, and those are anti-bacterial shield effects, calm lavender fragrance, Hydrates your skin, Alcohol-free formula, etc. 

Dot & Key products

5. Underarm detox & color correction mask:

If you love to wear sleeveless tops, then this product is right just for you. Most of the women have black patches in their underarms because of the excessive use of deodorant. So, due to this issue, they feel uncomfortable wearing these tops. So, if you are suffering from this, then try this. I have decided to try this and almost have used this for one week and am satisfied enough with the results. The Underarm detox & color correction mask is formulated and manufactured by adding jojoba, charcoal, and tea tree oil. The best thing is it eliminates the dark and dull dead skin cells. It has the added calcium vitamin complex that helps to restore the even natural tone of your skin. The price of this product is almost 675 rs for a 100 gm product.

I love this product, and that’s why I am suggesting this. Well, the price is a little high but the positive results will be worth your money. The few best thing about this product that I felt personally is they detoxify your underarm with the help of herbal oils and activated charcoal. It clears the dead skin cells and gives you a smooth and even skin tone.

6. Underarm color correction serum: 

I also chose this product to try, and I quite love this product. If you notice, then our underarms are a little darker than our normal skin. It looks darker due to the excess sweating, poor ventilation, and accumulation of dead skin cells. It gives you recovers from tender underarm skin. The best part of this product it doesn’t have any added chemicals. The serum reaches deep down to the skin and eliminates the pigmentation and roughness. You can use this serum as a deodorant, and it prices almost 895 rs for 50ml. Well, no doubt the product’s price of Dot & key is a little high, but it works well. As my personal review, it lightens up my darker skin and also minimizes irritation and roughness. It balances the production of melanin and gives a smooth, even tone underarm.

Dot & Key products

7. Skin essentials night serum:

The skin essential night serum is the best product of Dot & key products. Caring for your skin at night is as essential as you take care of in the morning. The Dot & key skin essentials night serum moisturizes your skin deeply. It lightens up your complexion and prevents aging. The best part of this serum is it penetrates your skin and provides them the natural rich nourishments to make it beautiful and shiny. It suits my skin type. If you have pimples on your skin, then don’t use this because it may worsen the situation. Before using this, you can do a small patch test. The price of this product is 575 Rs for only 15ml products.

This 3-in-1 serum lightens, hydrates, & prevents skin aging. The best part of this serum is it is enriched with natural botanical actives. Along with that, the serum has antioxidant properties and anti-age blocking properties that control your melanin production in the body. It makes your skin bright and gives deep nourishments, and hydrates the body. 

8. Pre-swim & hair chlorine protection spray

This is another hair chlorine protection spray that gives you complete refreshment. Water contains chlorine and a bleaching agent that lightens your hair color and damages them. I have dull hair, and that’s why I decided to try this once. I used this product for two weeks and got a positive result. You can also try these once. The Dot & key Pre- swim & hair chlorine protection spray contains vitamin C that eliminates the damages and pollutants from your hair. It also helps to give you relief from dandruff. It gives your hair enough nutrients so that it can look thicker and shinier. The product price for 120ml is rs 895. It has multiple properties like it protects hair from chlorine in swimming pools. It prevents your hair from damages and dullness. This is also suitable for giving you refreshing and healthy hair. 


Well, if I talk about the overall product and the brand, then I love the products of Dot & key. The packaging was very good, and the service is great. Yes, the price is a little high in some products, but that offers great results. All the products provided by them are cruelty-free and made with natural botanical products. These are chemical-free and also dermatologically tested. I give their product 4.5-star reviews as per my overview. So, what are you waiting for? Just visit their site and purchase some of the best products of them? Just use them and share your reviews in the comments section. 

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