Different Indian Saree draping Style

India has a treasure of multiple varieties of saree. Different stats of people have different Indian saree draping style. This is the continuation of the last post where we already talked about five different draping style. If you still didn’t read that post, then visit https://fitnessbux.com/different-indian-saree-draping-style/. Today we again come with the five topmost styles; scroll down to check!

Different saree draping style for different states:

  1. Madisaru: Madisaru is another saree draping style that most popular in the Iyer culture. Women of Tamilnadu worn this saree in their traditional marriage. Nowadays it is also worn on some special occasions. To drap this saree, you don’t need to wear a petticoat and blouse. This is the most complicated style you ever tried. 
  1. Kappulu: This is another elegant saree draping style most popular in Andhra Pradesh. We wear normal sarees by wrapping them from right to left, but to wear this one, you have to drag it from left to right. This saree is the perfect clothing for women who want to enhance their curves. 
  1. Gol saree: This is the saree draping style that Parsi women mostly use. However, they wore this saree on multiple occasions. This is a common light chiffon saree that you can drap on any style. It perfectly enhances the look of women.
  1. Halak Vokkaliga: This is popular in Karnataka, where the women living in Western ghats worn this saree. To wear this saree, you have to first wrap it around the shoulders. Another plus point of this saree is you don’t need to wear petticoats and a blouse for it. This is perfect for summers. Along with this, you can add some accessories, colourful flowers to complete your look.
  1. Coorgi style: Coorgi style saree is mostly famous in the western ghats of Karnataka. This is the easiest draping style that provides an extreme level of comfort. However, It helps the women of Coorg to climb the trees. To wear this saree, you have to make the pleats on the backside. The women of Coorg mostly wear this saree in their marriage.
  1. Kunbi drape: This is the ancient saree draping style that the tribal women of Goa mostly wear. This is recognized as the most basic saree draping way. To wear this, just simply wrap this saree around the waist and then knot it on your shoulder. 


By reading the overall post, you might understand how to wear a different saree style in the minimum time. To know more ideas regarding fashion tips, wait for our next article.

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