Different Indian saree draping style!

Fashion changes continuously in India and abroad, but the one fashion statement that remains constant is the Indian saree draping style. Yes, we are talking about the Indian saree that is the very own garment of India. Saree is a garment that reflects the beauty and elegance of a woman. It is the right fashion statement that you can carry in a different style. There are a number of ways to drape the saree according to the different states. Here we provide you with the amazing Indian saree draping style that makes you beautiful and connects you with the Indian culture. 

Saree draping style according to the different states:

1. Atpoure Saree:

This is one of the most popular saree draping styles in Bengal. This is the traditional Bengali saree that comes in white in body and red borders. You have to drape with box plates in the front to wear this, and the pallu appears on both sides. The authentic Bengali women tie the bunch of keys to the veil. This saree draping style signifies the respect and honor of women!

2. Nauvari Saree:

If you want to style a Maharashtrian-style saree, then Nauvari could be the best. This saree draping style is somewhere similar to the dhoti. Here you have to take one end of your saree from front to back between the legs and then tuck in the waist. At the same time, drap the half part of your saree is like the normal saree. The Maharashtrian women who wear this saree mostly perform the authentic dance lavani. It makes you look elegant and makes you comfortable to move your leg comfortably. 

Indian saree draping style

3. Seedha pallu:

This is another saree draping style that you can choose. This is the popular style of multiple states, including Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat. However, This saree draping style is quite similar to lehenga choli. By draping the saree in this way, you can showcase your saree’s designs, especially on the border and veil.

4. Mekhela Chadar:

This is an Assamese popular handloom saree that contains two pieces. however, the first piece of this saree is worn at the bottom by making crisscross pleats in the front. One part of the second piece is tucked around the waist, and the other part is draped to the shoulder like a shawl. 

5. Pinkosu:

This is the popular saree style of the state Tamilnadu that is best in the summers. However, Pinkosu means the pleats are tucked into the back. The handloom cotton sarees are the preferred style for this. 


Well, this is not the end! There are some more styles of saree draping style that we will continue in our next post. If you are looking for some more Indian saree draping styles, check out our next article!

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