Delicious healthy breakfast you can try at this lockdown!

The world is suffering from the Covid pandemic, and it’s going to be tougher day by day. By considering the current situation, the world health organization issued guidelines about what to eat and what not. If you are suffering from Covid, then you should be aware of your eating habits. As a Covid patient, you should be more conscious about your daily intake. No matter whether you are in insolation or self-quarantine, you have to follow the Covid patient’s health guidelines recommended by WHO.

So, here in this article, we are going to describe the healthy breakfast, Covid patient’s health guidelines, and diet that you should take. Well, the vaccine for Covid is available for the last few months, but still, a large part of people are unvaccinated. So, if you are unvaccinated and want to keep away from Covid patients’ health guidelines, then you should follow the healthy diet, recommended by the doctors and experts.

The novel covid virus took a lot of lives and still wreaking havoc worldwide, and India is still struggling from the second wave. A patient who is living at the home quarantine is more concerned about their health. So, to help those people here, we pick some of the best healthy breakfast ideas and Covid patient’s health guidelines that you can take!

What are the things that you should consider at this time?

1. Make a plan or list:

This is the time when you should follow social distancing. Try to be in the home as much as possible. Make a list of what you need at your home and then pick all the things. In this way, you can avoid food waste and save your money also.

2. Make strategies:

Make strategies and priorities for the food which has a shorter life span. Use fresh products as much as you can. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products that reduce your fat and balance your immune system. 

3. Prepare home-cooked meals:

If you are suffering from a fever or in-home quarantine, then always prefer home-cooked foods. It is better to eat nutritious meals instead of oily unhygienic foods. Here in this article, we will suggest to you some best dishes that you can make at your home and get a delicious taste.

4. Contactless home delivery:

If you are living alone at your home and unable to make food, then you can hire a contactless home delivery facility. Try not to interact with people physically as much as you can. 

5. Be aware of the portion:

When you are at home, and you don’t have to perform any activities to perform, then you want to eat all the time. So, make sure about the portion; otherwise, it may lead to overeating.

6. Limit your salt/sugar intake:

If you are suffering from blood pressure and sugar, then you should be aware of the daily intake of salt and sugar. Take a balanced amount of Sugar and Salt. Avoid eating processed and frozen foods. Use fresh and dry herbs to enhance the taste of your dishes.

7. Cut back the excess fat:

If you are eating foods that have excess fats, then you should cut back. When you eat too many fatty foods, then it can cause multiple health issues. So, if you want to get rid of obesity, fatty liver, heart disease, and all, then avoid these types of foods. Everybody needs a small number of healthy fats to run smoothly. 

8. Stay hydrated:

Staying hydrated is the best way to deal with any disease. Your body needs an excessive amount of water to function properly. By drinking the right amount of water, you can flush out the harmful chemicals from your body. 

9. Eat fresh, stay fresh:

Your body reflects what type of food you eat. So, to stay fresh, young and active you should eat fresh and healthy foods daily. Try to add wheat, lentils, fish, egg, veggies, and plenty of fruits to your diet.

10. Take enough amount of fiber:

If you want to keep away from the virus and make your digestive system good, then you should consume foods that have enough fiber. You should eat salads, vegetables, wholegrain foods and pulses to your meals. Try to take dry fruits, eggs, and proteins in your daily intake to recover from covid infection in a fast way. 

11. Avoid taking alcohol:

Drinking alcohol doesn’t keep you fit and makes you healthy from Covid 19. So, avoid this as much as you can at this time. Alcohol can break down your immune system and cause infections in your body. By keeping these small things in your mind, you can stay away from infections!

Covid patients health guidelines

The amazing delicious recipes to stay away from covid19:

At this time, we all have cravings for spicy and delicious foods. So, if you want to satisfy your hunger and cravings, then here we listed some of the basic and most tasty dishes that you can make at your home and enjoy with your family by following the Covid patients health guidelines.

1. Chickpea and mushroom patties: 

This is the favorite dish for all kids and younger people. To prepare this dish, you need some basic ingredients that are easily available at your home. It takes almost half an hour or less for this to prepared. So, let’s talk about the ingredients first. To prepare this, you need finely chopped canned mushrooms, sliced onions, garlic, Oil (olive or sunflower oil), canned chickpeas, mustard, ground flaxseeds, whole grain flour, two eggs, Pepper, and most importantly, breadcrumbs. 

 A. Method to prepare this food: 

To prepare this, first, you need a frying pan and lightly fry the mushrooms, onion, and garlic on it. Use a small amount of oil for this; now add salts and sauté the mushrooms until it drains all the water from this. Make the paste of chickpeas by blending them and add mushrooms, mustard in this and blend it again. Now add the herbs like flaxseeds and flour. You can also add eggs in this, which bind the mixture together. 

Now add pepper to taste and give this mixture a shape like balls and coat them in the bread crumbs. You can cook it in the oven, or you can fry these patties with little oil. Bake or fry this until it gets lightly browned. Now decorate this with lettuce and tomato and eat this with sauce. You can also add also make patties like this with leftover rice, baked potatoes, and vegetables.

2. Green pea stew: 

This is another tastier food that you can make as a breakfast or for evening snacks. To prepare this, you need some basic ingredients like ripe tomatoes, garlic clove, carrot, Oil, (olive or sunflower), dried coriander leaves, canned green peas, black beans or other beans, Sweet paprika, egg if you need to add, and dried basil. The cooking time is less than half an hour and also tastes better. Now let’s check the cooking process!

A. Methods to prepare this food: 

To prepare this food, start by chopping the tomatoes, garlic, and carrots in thin slices. Take a pan and saute the tomatoes and garlic by adding chopped coriander and the carrot. Now at this stage, you have to add peas and black beans to the pan. Saute it together for a few minutes, and then add water and dried basil. Now cover with a lid and cook for 8 minutes. You can also add an egg if you want and cook for 10–15 minutes more. At last, add chopped coriander. You can eat this with rice and chapatti with salad. This is a healthy dish that has all the nutritious elements in it.

3.Pasta with vegetables: 

Every kid loves to eat pasta. In this lockdown, you can’t go to the restaurants. So, you can make this at your home in service to your kids. You can make pasta with different vegetables which taste delicious. It doesn’t take so much time and needs the basic ingredients. So, let’s check the ingredients first whole grain pasta, oil (olive or sunflower), broccoli, onion, thinly sliced garlic, chopped celery, dried thyme, carrots, fresh tomatoes, canned tuna, Soy sauce, Spices, and pepper for enhancing the taste. Along with this, add fresh basil. 

A. Method to prepare this dish: 

To prepare this dish, starts cooking pasta with plenty of water first. Cook the pasta according to the instructions. Don’t overcook this; otherwise, it drained out all the nutritional properties and texture. Cool it and drizzle with some oil and set aside. After this, cook broccoli in boiling water and then drain it and keep it aside. Now you have to sauté the onion, garlic, and celery with a small amount of oil and add carrot, and cook for another 5 minutes. Now add tomato and sauce and sauté for 10 minutes more. You can also add spices and herbs if needed. At this stage, you have to add broccoli and pasta and stir until hot. The dish is ready; you can serve this with fresh basil leaves or dried basil! 

4. Green peach smoothie: 

This summer, if you want to drink something cold and healthy, then you can try a green peach smoothie. This is one of the delicious drinks that you can try at your home and serve with chilled ice cubes. To make his drink, you need some of the basic ingredients like frozen bananas, sliced peaches, spinach, fruits, etc. There are some more things that you need, and those are almond milk, honey, yogurt, and all. 

A. Method to prepare this dish: 

Spinach is an excellent source of iron that helps immune cells functionally. It improves immunity power and has a source of vitamin C. It has a natural anti-oxidant that helps to make you fit and fine. If you have a deficiency of iron, then it can improve your body. It has all the nutritious elements that keep you away from the virus. To prepare this, you have to combine all the ingredients and blend them in the blender. Make it smooth and serve with ice cubes. This is an instant healthy drink that took almost 5 to 8 minutes.

5. Tomato almond pesto pasta with chicken:

This is another healthy dish that you can taste by preparing at your home. For this, you need some basic ingredients. To make this, you need dried tomatoes, almonds, virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic cloves, Salt and pepper, whole wheat spaghetti, whole wheat spaghetti, skinless chicken breast, dried basil, dried oregano, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and olive oil. Tomato has antioxidant properties that have the power to reduce inflammation. It has vitamin C that protects you against the damages. It has free radicles that make you active and eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Almond has vitamin E that keeps your immunity level balanced.

A. Method to prepare this dish: 

To make this, you have to blend the mixture of tomato, almonds, lemon juice, and garlic. Make a smooth paste and add Salt and pepper to this. Now you have to add sauce to this. Boil water and cook the spaghetti. Now season the chicken on both sides with basil leaves, oregano, pepper, Salt, and garlic powder. Now add seasoned chicken for 15 minutes and serve. It tastes well and makes a blast. There are many more things that you can make at this lockdown. 


By concluding and wrapping up the above all things, we can say that eating healthy and nutritious food can keep you away from any virus. If you have low immune power, then you should keep conscious of your diet. You can also meet with the nutritionist and take consultation from them online. Make a diet plan and follow it. If you have more dishes like this, then you can share them with us in the comment section. 

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