Best Yoga Asana to learn today

Yoga is an ancient workout everybody should do and also learn how to do it properly. You can see serious health benefits by practicing Yoga every day. It helps to improve your balance. There are many Asanas in Yoga for newbies to experienced people. Yoga comes from ancient Indian sages. So, most of the Yoga Asanas have a different cure to our body mechanism. So, here we pick some amazing yoga Asana to become fit and stable.

Effective Yoga Asana you should perform:

1. Tadasana:

To do this, Asana, you need to stand with your hip widely then roll your shoulder away from your ears. Lay down the ground with the help of four corners of your feet. Lengthen your belly button in and out and relax your jaws and breathe easily. This Asana helps to improve your attention to anything. 

2. Utkatasana(Chair Pose):

In this Asana, you need to raise both hands, spread your fingers at the time of inhaling, and vice versa. Shift your weight towards heels and your strength towards heels back. At the inhale, lift your strength and vice versa. This Asana gives the power of patience, and it teaches how to have patience in difficult times. 

yoga Asana to become fit

3. viravadrasana:

Stands straight with feet wide, then shifts your right heel pointing inwards. Turn your left foot outside 90 degrees, then bend your left knee and stretch your back leg. This Asana helps you to stay calm in every situation. It improves steady growth in your brain. 

4. Vkrasasana:

It basically starts with a mountain pose. This Asana is all about balancing yourself. Keep a mirror in front of yourself. Then shift your weight into your left leg and place it over the right thigh and vice versa. This Asana improves the concentration ability of any person. It also increases your span of attention over anything.

5. Setu Bandha Asana:

Lay down on a mat, then bend your knees. Then up your hip when you inhale. Sometimes it needs leverage when your shoulders are a little bit tight. If it happens, then try to hold your yoga mat and try your best to lift up your hips. This Asana strengthens your back which improves digestion, reduces anxiety, and helps to calm down your mind.

6. Savasana:

In this Asana, you need to lay down on a yoga mat then face up your legs to the outer edges of the mat. Place your arms along. Close your eyes and relax. This Asana is very easy to start with. Anyone can do it easily, irrespective of age. This Asana gives relaxation to your whole body. 

7. Kumbhakasana:

First of all, start with laying down facing downwards. Then up your waste along with your hips. If you feel intense, then come down to your knees. This Asana helps to gain more strength and provides stability to the abdominal portion.


By performing these yoga Asana to become fit, you can battle the illness and infections. Stay strong and stable all day long & perform Yoga!

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