The basics of Acne & it’s types

It is always irritating when you got a pimple or acne scars on your face before any important event. These scars bothering you and make you ugly in any event. To hide these things, women try multiple cosmetic products and home remedies. But to eliminate these on your skin first, you should have an idea of some basic things about Acne.

Basic things about Acne
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Why acne develops on your skin?

Before eliminating the Acne it is necessary to learn what causes this & why it grows on your face. Acne’s main cause is Hormones issue, stress, unhealthy diet, UV rays, Allergies, and wrong skincare products. It grows on your face when you have an unhealthy diet chart and contact some allergic substances. There are two types of Acne one is inflammatory, and the other is non-inflammatory. These two types of Acne are further classified into multiple types, which we will discuss below.

Basic things about Acne
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Types of Acne

1. Inflammatory Acne: 

Inflammatory Acne causes due to inflammation and swelling. Multiple bacterias come into contact with your skin and produce allergies. It also happens due to dead skin cells & sebum. The bacterias enter into the clogged pores of your skin that result in scars and multiple skin disorders. Inflammatory Acne has further divided into four types.

Basic things about Acne
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2. Pimples: 

This is the most common type that grows on the skin of every woman. These are one type of inflamed blemishes that can appear on your neck, chest, face, back, and shoulders. It looks like a red bump and develops when the bacteria enter the deepest layer of your skin. 

3. Acne Nodules:

 These types of scars are painful and large. It grows on the skin when unhygienic substances or bacterias enter the dermis. The bad contaminants enter into the layer of your skin and damage your skin. It creates swelling and mostly appears on your face, back and chest. 

4. Acne Pustules: 

These are pimples that look white. It causes due to dead cells and excessive oil in your skin. These are mostly develop on your face, shoulders, and back. It develop due to the bacterias that enter into the pores of your skin. 

5. Acne Cysts:

 These are painful and look like largely filled bumps on your face. It develops on your skin in the same way as the acne nodules. These are painful and look so scary. These types of issues are mostly produced on your chest, back, and neck. 

6. Non-inflammatory Acne: 

These are subdivided into two types: whiteheads & another is blackheads. 

Basic things about Acne
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A. Blackhead: 

Whitehead develops due to open pores or dead skin cells. The outer layers of these types of scars are closed, and it looks like small black bumps on your skin. In medical terms, this is termed as open Comedones. It mostly occurs on your face, back, chest and shoulders. These are the mild form of Acne that you can eliminate by taking proper care.

B. Whiteheads: 

The whiteheads grows on your face due to clogged pores. The outer layer of the whiteheads is close, and it looks like a small bump on your skin. It looks uncomfortable when you visit at any event by carrying this on your face. In medical terms, it is known as closed Comedones. It can appear on your face, chest, back and necks, nose. You can easily get rid of these when you take necessary precautions from the starting phase.


In conclusion, there are multiple types of Acne that occurs on our face due to multiple reasons. To get rid of this, first, improve your diet habits and take proper sleep. Deal with this problem efficiently and get ready for any event with full-confidence. 

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