Authentic Indian summer drink to beat the heat

Having a summer drink after reaching your home is the best feeling ever, especially in summers. Summer produces sweats and laziness. It makes people less energized, and people feel weak. To become energized and extra accessible, you need to drink the refreshing Indian summer drinks that allow you to beat the heat with great confidence. In the below section, we are talking about the fresh summer Indian drinks that you can easily prepare within seconds.

The Authentic Indian refreshing beverages:

Authentic Indian summer drink to beat the heat

Aam Panna: 

If you are living in India, then you know its taste and popularity during summers. Mango is the popular fruit of summer that is also known as the king of fruits or king of summer. Aam Panna is mostly popular in Maharastra or Mumbai. You can get the stalls of Aam Panna in every next row of the market. This is the most refreshing summer drink that allows you to prevent summer stroke. To prepare this drink you need the mango pulp and then blended by adding the cumin seeds, mint leaves, and jeera. It keeps you energized during the hot summer season.

sattu sarbat

Sattu sharbat: 

This is the pure, authentic drink of India that people drinks during summer. This is one of the popular drinks in Bihar. People used to drink this to keep their bodies cool. On the sunniest day, it makes you feel energetic. The drink is made up of sugar, water, and sattu or Chana flour. The people of Bihar take this drink as their breakfast. In addition, it keeps your mind cool and calm.

Authentic Indian summer drink to beat the heat
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This is another authentic drink that is made up of jeera and water. Jeera that is commonly known as cumin seeds, is roasted and mixed up with water, mint leaves, and some ice cubes. The solution is best for people who have digestive issues. Now make a glass of Jal jeera drink and endure the summers.

coconut water
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Coconut water: 

Coconut water is the essential drink of summer that offers you instant energy. Moreover, this is the perfect drink of summer that tastes sweet. If you are feeling dehydrated in summer at any time, then you can try this drink.

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Chaas is the authentic summer drink of India that is also termed buttermilk. To prepare this you need some curd that contains sweetness. This is one of the favorite drinks of Indian people that has multiple benefits. It makes you energetic, and at the same time, it helps to improve your digestive system. To give it a unique taste, you can prepare the masala chaos.

sugar cane juice
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Sugarcane juice: 

Sugarcane juice contains multiple health benefits. It is popular as a healthy drink and suggested by doctors. The juice tastes sweet and creates or produces plasma in your body. In addition it eliminates the dullness and dehydration from your body. To maximize the taste of this drink, you can find few mint leaves.

nimbu pani
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Nimbu paani: 

This is the most common drink of summer. Almost everyone makes this summer drink at their home. This is something that tastes delicious and also keeps you hydrated. To enhance its taste, you can add mint leaves, cumin, black pepper, coriander and salt, sugar.


After reading all the above contents, we can say that you can make yourself hydrated by drinking healthy refreshing summer drinks all day long. 

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