Finding a perfect relationship is good but making your relationship last longer after accepting the flaws is best. Love is the kind of feeling where you feel safe and protected with your partner. Love is the substitute for romance, intimacy and connection. If you want to get back your spark in a relationship, then you should read the seven ways to stay happy in your relationship.

Ways to stay happy in your relationship:

  1. Teach the good thing: We all learnt from somewhere because of our situation. Love gives you the reason to change yourself and adapt the new things. Sharing your life with a person is not so easy when there is no romance. So, be a quick learner and learn the things that can change you.
  2. Accept your partner: You should learn to accept your partner who she or he is. Accept the flaws of your partner to make your relationship last longer. This is the key factor to make a spark in your relationship. Try to learn them, observe their small things to make them impress.
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  1. Willingness to learn: You should be willing to learn from each other. You should see your partner as a reflection of yours and try to be a better person. While you feel upset, ask your partner the ways to recover from this instead of blaming them.
  2. Be comfortable with each other: In order to spend more time with each other, you should feel comfortable with each other alone. You will feel more complete and happy when you feel safe and secure.
  3. Focus on the outcomes: Most of the couple decide to separate because of the fights and regular stress. Instead of being apart, you should focus on the outcomes. Find out the reason for your separation, and then work on it to find the best outcome.
  1. Own yourself: Sometimes, to make our partner happy and satisfied, we forget our own values and personality. Love is not forgetting your own values and respect, but it means to own yourself. Love yourself who you are and be confident in yourself.
  2. Embrace the ordinary: This is the best thing that you can do to make yourself happy and satisfied. By embracing the ordinariness, you can share a good time with your partner.


Along with this, you should expand your heart and take applications from your partner. Focus on sharing love and support instead of making doubts. By following these seven ways to stay happy in your relationship, you can share a great bond.

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